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    2045+ Java 1582+ PHP 2609+ ANDROID 2217+ CoreJava 2614+ HTML Professionals & More.....



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    Abdul Rahmath

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    Associate Software Engineer


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For Recruiters: - Our passion for providing comprehensive and end to end recruitment software product helped us to develop interview chance which is more than a job portal. The idea of interview chance was inspired to expedite the hiring process for the enterprises, recruiting firms and to help Job seekers to find better offers.
Traditionally in any hiring cycle you cannot preserve all the activities for example the number of candidates, interviews and job offers you have provided to candidates and after some years to retrieve this stored data becomes difficult and you have to again start from step one. But with our innovation you can preserve each and every step of your recruitment process and at any given point of time you can go back to that particular required data and hire candidates.
We take pride in providing TQT (Talent Quantifying Test), a kind of test that helps the job seekers to prove their skills by taking test in their respective career stream. With this type of prequalify profiles methodology we help Job Seekers to increase their profile strength by attaching this TQT score and recruiter has an advantage to choose the best profile based on the TQT Score.
It is a challenge for the recruit managers to predict how long it will take for hiring a new candidate. Business Analytics feature in Interview chance help to overcome this and also helps to see the history in comparison of present. Furthermore, it has a feature for the recruit manager that helps to monitor multiple recruiters’ performance by just a single click.
Auto Schedule Interview feature allows automated scheduling of interviews between interviewer and applicants. Once the applicants are approved an email is sent to the candidates to give the interview schedules via online, thus saving you from the pain of calling everybody. Interview Panel will receive an email alert about the respective interview schedules.

For Job-Seekers Don’t lose yourself in the crowd. Your search for one of the best Job searching websites ends here with Interview Chance. You can prove with us and attract recruiters with more charm. We brand your profile with our innovative features like TQT (Talent Quantifying Test), Selfie Resume, Video Recommendation, Social Media and by projecting your profiles on our web page that will help recruiters to get all the information they need.

Why choose  Interviewchance for jobseekers

-Tell us what you are looking for
-Set up your job preferences
-Get jobs you care about via email

Spending time and resources surfing through database after database for talented candidates is a tiresome job Which is why we offer you our database of TQT skill-certified profiles. Access TQT and rated candidates who fit your needs

In-built online test module suiting various skills which is aimed at assessing applicants on basics of given skill set. Employers can use Talent Quantifying Test module to evaluate applicants and shortlist the ones clearing the test

Selfie Resume-Job seekers can upload 1 minute of video clip briefing there USP .It enables the jobseeker to convey their thoughts in brief. The employers will find it easy to understand the offering better

Video Recommendation- Job seekers can upload 1 min video clip from the previous company/organization where his team or management can recommended about him. So that employers will find it easy to analyze his skills, experience and expertise

Social Media- We provide a brief insight of the job seekers social media presence

Interview Chance brings you the online centralized HR System

Allows automated scheduling of interviews between applicants and interviewer. Once applicants are approved, an email is sent asking to give interview schedules online saving you the pain of calling them. Interview panel will receive an email alert about the interview schedules.



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Login to Interview Chance and Upload your resume verify all the details and update your profile.

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Employers love to see the complete profiles where the skills are proven using TQT.

WHY Choose Interview Chance ?

Interview Chance is launched in 2015. Which is a part of Hew Software Solutions, is an Online career center to overcome the gap between jobseekers and employers backed by companies.Interview Chance job portal that helps you to have a quicker, more efficient job search. With a proprietary tool called Talent Quantifying Test , we will do skill-tests and rate your profile to make it extremely easy for recruiters to understand your capabilities.

Interview chance helps you to showcase your employability through your Skilled Test scores, thus helping you to stand out and grab recruiter attention quickly. There by increasing your chances of being shortlisted.

Interview Chance that only job portal that offers you an Online Talent Quantifying Test.

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