What is bar riser concept in Interview?

In many of the companies the selection or interview process had been become a hectic job as most of the times they are failing to place a right efficient person for a particular position. So, In recent times top MNC companies are adapting the concept of raising the bar in Selection or Interview process.

Basically, this concept was used by top MNC companies from past 2 decades in their selection process.The people are selected as bar risers who are treated as special awardee people of the organization.

bar riser concept in Interview

This person will give the persons who are very efficient, proficient and having skills which helps in raising the bar to their particular job and they are required for the company in the particular position in such a way that the person hired newly is as good as the previous one. The bar risers will involve in the interview process to get the professional to the required position by interviewing them in all aspects and regards. They essentially follow one of the sayings that “Surround yourself with the people who are smarter than you”, which helps in avoiding the hiring process to become uncertain or wild.

In this case, at the end of the day there will be a decrease in bad hire. By this concept, you might have a doubt that what will be the use of the organization. There are 3 benefits of this process, firstly employee engagement, better hiring, and finally the quality of the interview will be increased.

How to make your Job search successful?


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How is Interpersonal skills add the highest value to the career?

Interpersonal skills are the powerful weapons people use to interact & communicate with individuals in an organizational environment. There are seven main areas of interpersonal communication that Fred fails at with his workers, and this has led to his immediate termination after working only one month.

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Explain the importance of using the relevant skills in resume

relevant skills in resume

With the help of skills job seeker can get most relevant opportunities. He or she can show their talent in an effective way . These concepts are need to reflect on his Resume.

Ability to Work in a Team Structure
Ability to Verbally Communicate with Persons Inside and Outside the Organization
Ability to Make Decisions and Solve Problems
Ability to Obtain and Process Information
Ability to Plan, Organize and Prioritize Work
Ability to Analyze Quantitative Data, Along with this inter personal skills, Foreign language skills, computer skills, Industry specific skills are also most important.

Psychometric test Vs Aptitude test

Psychometric test

Psychometric tests are designed to calculate your intellectual capabilities for thinking and reasoning, and various aspects of personality. They are used by organizations, often at an early stage of the recruitment process, to assess your suitability for the job. It can be challenging and there is often a ‘pass mark’ to achieve before you can proceed to the next stage of the application process. Practice is essential to develop competence and understanding of what you will need to do. Continue reading Psychometric test Vs Aptitude test

What are the 3 strategies to build a successful recruitment

successful recruitment

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3 power-full reasons why we should run a background verification to the candidates?

Finally, after sifting through a pile of resumes and conducting interviews, you’ve found a match, someone who seems to be the perfect hire. The candidate comes across as friendly, hard-working, and smart. But, as with any person you’ve only just met, first impressions can be deceiving.

For that reason, you should thoroughly vet the applicant before offering them a job. You don’t want to hire a liar or, worse, a criminal. And you can explain that the process is simply standard procedure: More than two-thirds of organizations conduct criminal background checks on job candidates, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.

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5 things to look for while hiring for a start ups


1.Enthusiasticand passionate.

You should check the candidate whether he/she is enthusiastic and passionate about the job what they do. During the interview you should be able to find that whether they are focused about their achievements. People who love their work stay longer at companies than people who work for money. Enthusiastic and Passionatecandidates are useful to a company to grow their business in as they are likely skillful.

2.Team player.
The next quality to employer to observe within the candidate is a team player or not. As in many cases, employee should work with the fellow employees.So, you should check how well he/sheworks as a team and what type of work environment they prefer.


It might be bit difficult to spot the candidate whether he is ambitious or not. But you can look for few qualities as below:

  • Check the previous work history. Was he/she survived there for long time and the reason for the change?
  • What are the outside interests of the candidate? Spot whether he/she is into learning a new trait or not as they are probably determined individual.
  • Determine how he/she overcome the complications and responded to the failure.

4.Commitment to the company.

Pay close attention on the candidates’ previous job history. I there is a pattern of changing the job to job frequently he /she is considered as not committed to the work or company. That kind of people work for only money rather than the y bother the values and loyalty towards the company.

5.Eager to learn and creative.

The person should not be like yes type. That means he/she should not be like favourism to boss saying just yes to everything. The candidates who are constantly learning new skills and traits. Besides the learning quality, they should be great in managing time, problem solving and prioritizing their tasks. This type qualitied candidates will have the value to the organization as they are likely helpful to grow the business of the organization.


The employees of the organization determines the success and failure and largely indicate the future of the company. So, the candidates to be hired to the company should be likely with the above qualities or skills will be probably successful.

How HR can help employees to reach company goals?

Establishing goals in an organization shows how it is intended in terms of the performance. So, the HR’s of the company focus on hiring the best candidates obtainable in the market. To retain the employees in the company for longer period, HR’s come into picture to sync employees’ personal goals with that of the organization goals. Here is how HR’s play an important role in the organization.


1.Explain the requirements clearly

HR is the person who should give exact requirements and expectations of the company from the employee which helps the organization in its business growth and rise in its reputation. This will prepare employees without any surprise to face the challenges.

2.Set goals as achievable, but challenging

Smart hard work and commitment is required by the employee to achieve the desired goals. HR’s role is very important is setting goals is to set long parallel goals along with smaller incremental goals. Smaller goals give enough confidence and experience to the employees in achieving the long term goals.

3.Suitable Training

One of the important pegsin HR’s role is to maintain a track of performance of the employees. HR’s should be able to provide training sessions to employeesif required to develop their skills and competency in their field to help them successfully accomplishing in achieving the goals.

4.Evaluation and Feedback Regularly

To motivate employees and help them in understanding their areas of improvements, evaluating and giving feedback frequently by the HR is the best way. This helps HR in efficient Performance appraisal. HR should able to find out not only the strengths but also weaknesses and maintain a balance on them.

5.Recognize achievements

HR’s important role is to recognize the achievements immediately and acknowledge them in terms of special rewards/note of thanks/appreciation from the clients for both individual and team. This spots to the employee’s encouragement and they will be able try harder in next levels in achieving further goals of the organization.